The Official Sharon Tate Fansite

Monday June 2, 2003

We are extremely proud
to announce that

will be represented by
CMG Worldwide.

CMG is the most
in the world
for legends
past and present.

Sharon is now officially acknowledged as a legend
and will be taking her rightful place in the company of such legends as Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Princess Diana, Bette Davis, Humphrey Bogart and so many more...(see CMG's full client list with Sharon's newly added name.)

Playboy Magazine proclaimed that
"1967 is the Year That Sharon Tate Happens."

We proclaim that 2003 is the year
"That Sharon Tate Happens --Again."

This honor to Sharon has been made possible due
to the legions of fans who over the last 30 years
refused to forget Sharon Tate and always knew
there was so much more to her than her last half

Sharon's beauty is transcendent and timeless and
future generations will have the chance to get to know her through her life and her works... we have
great hope that CMG will work their magic on
behalf of Sharon just like they've done for Marilyn
Monroe and others.

"Heroes Get Remembered,
But Legends Never Die".

Thanks to Sharon's fans... her legacy lives on.

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