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Dear Debra,
I was with your sister Sharon during the filming in London of "12 plus One" in 1969. We spent quite some time together on location and we became good friends.

During that time I happened to take a few photos of her. She was emphatic about me not photographing her 'tummy'. She was showing quite a bit by then. I was, I think, the last photographer (besides the paparazzi), to take photographs of her in England. I have attached a pic of what I think is one of my best of her. I would be honored if you could use it on your website.

Best regards,

Sean Barry-Weske

It is the pleasure of The Official Sharon Tate Fansite to post Mr. Barry-Weske's personal photo of Sharon. It is a rare occasion to view never before seen photos of Sharon Tate. Thank you for your kindness and generosity in allowing us to post it.

Please respect the copyrights of Mr. Barry-Weske. Please contact Mr. Barry-Weske if you are interested in using his photo of Sharon. You may contact him at

October 29, 2002

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