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Sean Barry Weske

British Actor

Acting is in his blood...
Born in London in 1940, Sean hails from an esteemed British family of actors. Sean, his brother Brian and their parents Victor and Rita Tobin Weske have together made dozens of films from the 1930's on. Sean made his film debut in 1941 at the age of one.

Sean met Sharon on the set of 12+1 in London in 1969 and they became friends. Sean is graciously letting us use his personal photos of Sharon for merchandise in our new Shop Sharon Store. (See the first letter that got the ball rolling, back in October 2002.)

During the same time period in the late 60's, Sean had the occasion to meet both Roman Polanski and Sharon on different movie sets. Sean has this story regarding Roman to share:

"One day, whilst waiting to shoot the ship salon scene in the movie "The Magic Christian" (I was playing John Lennon), I had occasion to see this very tall Woman dressed in a large crinoline gown and wearing a very tall 'Pompodore' wig. Her make-up was that of Madam du Barry, beauty spot and all! She walked over to the bar, behind where Roman Polanski was sitting rehearsing his lines. She approached him and very quickly leant over the bar. Without his realizing it she gave Roman a big kiss on the lips. At first Roman was shocked. Then when he realized who the lady was, he was even more shocked. For the exquisitely dressed and coiffured Madam was none other than Yul Brynner."

Sean lives in Southern California with his wife Cheryl.

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