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"Roman is such a beautiful, mad human being. Sometimes things are difficult, sometimes good. But it makes life twice as interesting."

"I'd be thrilled to death to do another Polanski film, but he has to ask me. I wouldn't ever dream of asking him for a part."

"I don't think the movie (Valley of the Dolls) is all that bad. It's a typical, fantastic, money-making Hollywood picture. I knew that when I took the part. But there's nothing wrong with that. I think the movie is a success because it did exactly what it set out to do. I'm glad I made the movie, but now I need a change."

"From now on I want something with character and substance. No more sexy roles. I want to do something good now, something that will really help my career."

"I thought he meant somebody else. I looked so awful. I was wearing an
orange dress with big patch pockets and my hair was every which way."

(On Martin Ransohoff's reaction to her upon seeing her at an audition for Petticoat Junction)

"If miniskirts had come in then (when she was in High School) I 'd have worn the shortest one."

"That's the craziest nut I ever saw. I'll never work for him."
Sharon's first impression of Roman Polanski

"I'm happier when I'm working. I don't have time to think much that way."

"I've worn a much shorter mini in London. That's nothing."
Sharon on Linda Evans miniskirt at The Daisy

"When Daddy was transferred back to the States and San Pedro, California, I convinced him that I'd be safe in Hollywood- you know how Army men are, so terribly protective of their Daughters-I've got two younger sisters, 7 and 13 - and Daddy's now in Vietnam, but he still worries about us all. Anyway I used to hitchhike in Los Angeles to all the studios because I couldn't afford the cab fare. The men were so generous, especially the truck drivers; they all gave me lifts."

"My first experience was doing TV Commercials. Then one day, my agent sent me to audition for a bit part in Petticoat Junction, the TV series. Marty (Ransohoff) came on the set, watched me, then called me over and said 'Sweetie, I'm going to make you a star!'

"Marty's a wheeler dealer. No doubt about that. But he's a man of his word. He sent me to drama school. He let me play bits in various TV shows. He saw that I got the best instruction in speech, singing, dancing, the whole works. He groomed me slowly and carefully without the slightest publicity. I was his secret weapon."

"I'm one of those mad, irrational characters who simply loves men. I love them because they're men. Women, ...I don't like to compete against them or play games. It's a waste of time."

"Roman is a fascinating, creative director. When I first met him, it was a case of instant hate. He was so blunt. But now it's all music."

"Before Roman I guess I was in love with Jay (Sebring). It was a fine relationship. But the truth is I was no good for Jay. I'm not organized. I'm too flighty. Jay needs a wife. And at 23 I'm not ready for wifehood. I still have to live, and Roman is trying to show me how."

"I've learned so much from him. You see, I have a tendency not to live in reality, whereas Roman is a true realist. I used to read Yoga and Zen, but Roman has stopped all that. Now I don't read anything except scripts. I haven't touched a book in two and a half years. I spot read. I never read a newspaper through. I really don't know what's going on."

"I read that I'm supposed to be Hollywood's new sex symbol, that Marty has groomed me as Marilyn Monroe's replacement. I think I'm the most unsexy thing that ever was. I'm open for everything of course, but I'm certainly not aware of being sexy."

"What I want out of life is happiness. I don't want money. I get $350 a week. I drive a Buick Riviera. I have all the clothes I want. I like myself. I'm glad I'm me. I'd like to have a baby."

"I think I'll stick to Pan-Am"

"If you just take it down to bare facts, the reason for living is the reason you make it. I mean the brain was made to create."

"When I love, I love hard."

"I love it on the beach- it gives me a kind of freedom. I don't have to be a sex symbol or a movie star."

"Richard (Beymer) told me 'you oughta be in pictures' and I believed him. I always had Hollywood on my mind."

"They said they had a plan for me. They would train me and prepare me. I was immediately put into training-like a race horse. I had a job to stay the way I was. They told me 'Cream your face, Sharon....Put on more eyeliner, Sharon...Stick out your boobs, Sharon."

"Roman is strong, and so true, so honest. I don't like glamour boys."

"I've learned a lot about me from being with Roman. My definition of love is being full. Complete. It makes everything lighter. Beauty is something you see. Love is something you feel."

"He's (Roman Polanski) wise and wonderful and brilliant and he knows everything."

"I won't marry for a long time...I'll give up acting the second I'm married...I believe a wife must immerse herself completely in her husband and family, and that's what I intend to do. Few women can handle marriage and a career successfully at the same time."

"I would never marry just to be's just a legal piece of paper and a lovely financial set-up. I've learned great happiness from being with Roman that I didn't have before. Why would I want to ruin a perfect affair by turning it into a mediocre marriage for society's sake."

"I am like Jennifer (Sharon's character in Valley of the Dolls) because she is relatively simple, a victim of circumstances beyond her control. But I have more confidence in myself."

"I'm so afraid of hurting other people's feelings I don't speak out when I
should. I get into big messes that way."

"I will never be another Marilyn Monroe, but I had to do what they wanted at first. They see me as a dolly in a bikini, jumping up and down on a trampoline."

"Beauty is only a look. It has nothing to do with what I'm like inside."

"You see people murdering each other every day on TV, but you never see them making love-and love is certainly more beautiful."

"I can't play games. I have friends, older women, who tell me I'm foolish to let Roman know how deeply I care for him...Well, foolish I am then!"

"I'd like to be an American Catherine Deneuve. She plays beautiful, sensitive, deep parts with a little bit of intelligence behind them."

"I still have this teddy bear I've had since I was three...and all my boxes, all kinds of boxes. I just won't give them up. It's like if I give them up, I've given in to being a movie star."

"When I married Roman, (Polanski) there were no doubts in either of our minds. We knew it would work-so we did it. If there's any question, though, I think it's immoral not to try it out first. Why would anyone want to enter marriage blindly? Of course, the pill makes this possible, and in that respect, I think it's one of the greatest things to happen."
--Sharon on the debate over the birth control pill

"I'm just me. If I am sexy, it's just something I do naturally, like picking up a knife and fork to eat. I think people who try to be sexy are the most unsexy people in the world."

"I'm very unpredictable. Very, very impulsive. Extremely. Absolutely!
Sometimes I don't know what I want to do from one day to the next. I can't
enjoy anything premeditated; I just do it as I feel it. But whatever I do is
motivated by honesty."

"In Europe, everything is so much more liberal and open. So much more
realistic. The whole freedom outlook over there is just fantastic. People
aren't worried about what society is going to think- as long as the feelings
are there...and the feelings are honest. Men in Europe cry and in airports
they kiss their sons right on the lips, emotion makes them real men."

"He's very sympathetic, very sensitive, very intelligent and a combination
of explosives. You don't notice any one part of Roman- he just comes at you
in one dynamic blast!"

"Sometimes we'll drive out to the desert in 110 degree heat and race his
(Roman's) car...and we'll go to a little bar, where there are just guys in
jeans and T shirts hanging around. It's hot as an oven-but it's exciting for
that moment. We're both 'people of the moment', Roman and I."

"I really think that if you live for today, tomorrow takes care of itself."

"It's just as difficult to be pretty as it is to be homely. People take you
from the surface level, but they'll see an unattractive girl and think she
must have something else."

"I liked her very much, you know. I'd always admired her as a little girl,
and when I grew up and finally met her I wasn't disappointed. She was
everything I'd ever imagined her to be. And she was marvelous to me-so
thoughtful, so kind, so helpful."

Sharon on Kim Novak who had to drop out of Eye of the Devil and be replaced by Deborah Kerr.

"When I was the most broke I went out and bought a mink coat, but it was for my Mother. I have one mink coat of my own now, and a dilapidated old fox I wear all the time. The mink just hangs in the closet. It's a good feeling to know it's there, but I never wear it. I wore a rented mink to a premiere the other night, and I was so uncomfortable I turned it inside out and threw it over my shoulder. I use only soap and water, no makeup. I can eat anything.
I don't have a weight problem. For a while I lived on cotton candy."

"By the time you get to the point where you have the power to run your own
career --they call you a bitch."

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