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Click here for an audio Birthday Greeting
to Sharon from Debra

Sharon Tate would be sixty this January 24th.

It's amazing to stop and reflect on that. 33 years have
passed without her physical presence here on earth,
but I know her spirit has lived on in her family,
her friends and her fans.

What would Sharon Tate look like.
I think she would look dignified and beautiful
and full of wisdom from the years she would have lived.

I think about the women who were Sharon's
contemporaries during her career.

Jane Fonda has became an Academy Award winning actress
and an outspoken and controversial activist.
At the time she and Sharon were friends she had just
made a campy exploitation film called "Barbarella".

Raquel Welch and Sharon were considered two
of the most desirable women in films. Raquel has been
an ICON of sex appeal for all those years.
She has worked in movies and on stage.

Mia Farrow and Sharon were very good friends.
Mia has raised 15 children. Some adopted some biological.
All the while she has worked steadily in
critically acclaimed films.

Barbara Parkins was Sharon's maid of honor.
She has all but retired from film.
She lives quietly out of the public eye.

It's hard to say which road Sharon would have taken.
It would have been nice to see her be able to make the choice.

In the end she got as much as she could out
of her short life and she left a lasting impression on those
that knew and loved her.
That's the best that anyone can hope for.

Here's to you Sharon.

Christopher Simmons
Webmaster for The Official Sharon Tate Fansite

Click here to see Chris' card to Sharon

Click here for an audio Birthday Greeting 
from Fox's Jillian Barberie.

Happy 60th Birthday to you,
Happy 60th Birthday to you,
We wish you could be here with us,
Doris, Patti & Paul Richard too!!

In all seriousness, Sharon's family & friends
especially miss her, and will be thinking good thoughts
on this day and always...

Clinton, CT USA

I arranged to have a bouquet of white lillies
sent to Sharon's grave on January 24.
My card attached to the flowers reads:

"For Sharon, a beautiful soul.
In my heart I know she is a beautiful angel watching
over her family and friends."

I feel close to her and I didn't even know her.
Her kindness is an inspiration to me!!

St. Cloud, FL USA

(I'd like to give credit where credit is due.
The whole inspiration for this celebration came from Michelle.
She wrote to us two weeks ago and asked if we were planning
anything special for Sharon's 60th Birthday...
Thanks for the great idea, Michelle,
and I know that Sharon's other fans appreciate it, too!)

Happy Birthday Sharon, you are truly missed.
Holly Gaddis
Athens GA USA

happy 60th birthday sharon.

i know you are a beautiful angel now.

i'll always miss you and mourn you but at least you have your mother, patti and your son to celebrate with you.

love, scotty

Lyrics to songs written especially for Sharon...
"Touching The Moon" and "Hollywood Angel"
by Michael Nagy

Visit Michael's Web Site at:

Sharon, just want to let you know that we miss you
and we are here to celebrate your life. Even though
you can't be here with us, we know you are here in
spirit and looking down from the heavens with
your mom and Patti and little Paul.
To Debra and her father, please hang in there
and keep the faith, you will always be
admired for your strength....

Janis Rhodes
Selinsgrove PA USA

I imagine Sharon would look pretty much like she did,
just a touch older. There are many stars today who
look just as good, if not better than they did then.
She would probably just have an quiet dinner and
maybe cake and ice cream for herself, her husband
and kids and the rest of her immediate family.
(May you be at rest and peace.)

Merry Henry
Bellefontaine, Ohio : USA

Please respect the artist and leave this gift of art exclusive to the
Official Sharon Tate Fansite.  Do not repost on the web. Thank you!

Since 1968, I collect all about Sharon Tate. Being a hobby-painter, she will be always my favorite motive. In memory of her 60th birthday I send two drawings to this fansite.
With best wishes
Kerstien Matondang from Sweden

I will be thinking about you on your birthday, Sharon.
What a beautiful 60 year old you would have made.
You will be in my thoughts, on this special day.

Laura Burley

Sharon Tate.
Versatile, enduring, true beauty within and without.
Sunlight across the endless sky of time.
We are fortunate to be blessed by her soul's presence.

Ralph Sepe
Baldwin Place NY USA

Although I wasn't yet born when Sharon was taken,
I practically grew up with her movies. I fell in love
with her when I was 8 years old and wanted to marry her
after I had seen Don't Make Waves. I was so captured
by her beauty. Now that I am 26, I have fond memories
of Sharon from my childhood. Today I still remain a fan.
Happy 60th Sharon.
We love you and miss you.

Carbondale, IL USA

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