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I've been a fan since I can't remember when.
There hasn't been anyone who can hold a
candle to Sharon's natural beauty since.
Happy Birthday, Sharon.

Honolulu HI USA

Happy Birthday Sharon!!
Philadelphia PA USA

Best wishes sent from across the pond to not only
to Sharon on her 60th birthday but,
to the rest of her family, too.
Wanting you to know that there are lot's of people
(even in England), thinking of you.
Wishing you well.

Cathy Pearman
Accrington Lancs England

I thought the interview with Debra was really touching.
It really made Sharon come alive for me.
Happy Birthday Sharon!


My dear sweet Sharon,
I know you are having a wonderful birthday,
and you have a new friend, Joe Strummer who died
soon enough to attend your party!
And Roman is thinking about you.
You are so proud of him because of "The Pianist"!
For your 60th birthday, I wish you peace and I thank you
for your friendship, for all you did for me, I can never
thank you enough for that, you know it, and I promise
I will do everything for you.
Love, love, love!

Warszawa Polska

I sure do miss Sharon....
she was quite possibly the most beautiful woman
that I have ever seen....(next to my wife of
....and she seemed to possess an inner beauty as well which made
her external appearance even more attractive. The movie
world and the world in general have greatly missed
out because of her pre-mature death....
God bless you Sharon....
and your baby too...

Chapeta Park Co. USA

Happy Birthday!
Gamal Abdo

Happy Birthday Sharon!!!
I have become a big fan of yours after watching
"Fearless Vampire Killers" as a young teenager.
You were the most beautiful woman I had ever seen on screen.
Well, now I'm 25 and very happy to attend your 60th birthday!
As you can see, you still have a lot of fans all over the world.
We all wish you could be here with us, but we know
you're watching from somewhere above.
God bless you!

Marc W.
Werther Germany

Happy Birthday Sharon!
We will always remember you.


Sharon is A Star !! To a wonderful Party and a very
loved, missed Lady! ~ Happy Birthday Sharon Tate.

Valleri Lee

I want to thank two very special ladies for bringing
forth this beautiful and very fun, Way Cool b'day party
for our Sharon.  Robin, you really are the best party hostess
on the planet! No wonder the Food Network loves your parties!!
And Debra for all the wonderful, beautiful and special memories
of the lady we all love so dear. I want to thank Christopher for the beautiful remembrances and card for Sharon. I know she must
feel very honored right now, watching from lofty heights,
all of the love and dedication that went into this
in her memory. God Bless you forever,
dear sweet Sharon.


I did not know Sharon personally; only by her
work and through her sister Patti who was a dear friend
of mine since we were 12. But if Sharon was anything like
Patti then I can say she must of been the sweetest person on earth.
I hear the audio of Sharon and she sounds so much like her
sister Patti. God bless you both.

Deborah Glanville
Manhattan Beach CA USA

Sharon was one of history's
many people say she was as nice as she was beautiful...
wish I could have known her
Ernie Krueger
Cleveland OH USA

Happy birthday to a very beautiful girl who's
spirit still warms the world.

Denise Greek
Anaheim CA USA

Happy Birthday where ever you are, Sharon Tate.
I found when I was 7 a photo from you in a book and
you became my model in life. Now I´m 29 and still you´re here. Kisses.
(And kisses to Tate family too, from Spain)

Fuengirola-Malaga Spain


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