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It's hard to picture Sharon Tate as a 60 year old woman.
I wish she were still here.
I also wonder what her child would look like he'd be
a grown man today if he were alive would he look like
roman or sharon?unfortunately we'll never know that either.
It's sad that Sharon has relatives that never knew her,
Debra and Patti's kids can only watch the movies of their
Aunt Sharon and look at the many pictures of her and
recall Debra and Patti's fond memories of Sharon.
I just hope sharon is happy where she is she certainly
deserves it after the crummy way she was taken.
Happy birthday beautiful lady!


Happy Birthday, Sharon.
Jackie Mullinix
St Louis Mo USA

A *special* happy 60th birthday,
I hope you're sitting on a beautiful fluffy cloud in heaven
smiling down on everyone who knew you,
and that you were close too...
I hope you and your baby are just always smiling...

Wgtn New Zealand

Happy Birthday Sharon!!! We love you!
Los Angeles USA

As a young girl I recall watching Valley of the Dolls and
when I first saw Sharon I had a strange feeling that
I couldnt possibly explain. It seemed to be a recognition
of sorts but the fact is that I was born 15 years after she died.
Sometimes looking at pictures of her I am reduced to tears
and I cant understand why. But what is clear to me is that
Sharon was a loving, generous spirit, and I wish all the
best for her family on this special day.

Wellington New Zealand

From what I have read about the way Sharon lived
her life one aspect keeps being said. Sharon was a nice,
thoughtful human being. What better way to celebrate her life
than to look into ourselves. Are we as nice and thoughtful as we
could be? I will spend Sharon's birthday looking into my own
actions and try to be a better human being by
following her example
Seattle WA USA

This is my ONE of my favorite pics of Sharon.
Happy 60th Birthday Sharon!!!!!
Love, Gail

Today we celebrate your birthday, just like everyday we
take time to reflect on your memory...
Rest in peace angel...

Tommy Baumgardner
Orlando FL USA

Happy Birthday, Gone, but not forgotten.
William L Nihart
Milton PA USA

Happy 60th birthday dear, sweet, beautiful Sharon!!!!!
We miss you so very much and we love you so!!!
You will always be with us in our hearts and in our thoughts
and prayers, every day and especially on what
would have been your 60th birthday.
God bless you and your family.

 Love, Liz
Buena Park CA USA

I will remember Sharon on her 60th Birthday,
my heart goes out to her family and all who loved her.
May we all reflect on her wonderful life.

Vancouver BC Canada

To a beautiful lady who left this world much too soon.
Happy Birthday Sharon.

Madison WI USA

It's amazing to think that if Sharon were still with us she
would be 60 years old. It's hard to imagine because no matter
how much time passes the image of her at 26 will always be
with us. I hope she knows somehow that she is not forgotten,
missed by many and that her memory is just as alive and well
now as it was when she left us in 1969. I think being given a much-deserved star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame would
be a great way to mark her 60th birthday. Although I was
only four years old when Sharon died I have learned a lot
about her over the years. I feel she was a very special
person, the type some of us may never know in a
lifetime. God bless you Sharon, your son
and all of your family always.

Philip Nix
Atlanta GA USA

Happy Birthday Sharon.
It's amazing how time flies.
You have never been forgotten,
And never will be.
Bless you, and your baby son.

Vancouver Wa USA

Happy 60th Birthday Sharon!!!!
I know that you know how much love and admiration
are pouring out to you from us here still on the earth!
I want your spirit to SOAR knowing how many people
you impacted during your short stay with us. Truly, you are
an angel. Peace and love be with you on this
very special day!

Las Vegas NV USA


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