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I was watching Valley of the Dolls earlier today.
Just hope she knows that I'm thinking of her.
Especially on this day --her 60th birthday even
though we did have snow...

Diane Whitaker
Shelby NC USA

Happy 60th Sharon!
You will always be remembered...
this website and our postings hold true to that.
We adore who you were as a person, a mother, a wife, and an actress. May you continue to rest in peace.

Justin M. Randolph
Bowling Green OH USA

Happy Birthday to a beautiful person that has
a special place in my heart.

Amanda Mauney

Sharon, Happy Birthday Sweetheart!
May the stars of eternity shine on
your loving life and spirit! Happy Birthday!

Greg Lacey
Hoover AL USA

Happy Birthday to Sharon!
From a fan.

Montevideo Uruguay


How is her face which haunts my night
She whispers gently at my side
then leaves so soft at morns first light
Her thoughts are left within my brain
A flower petal left again
Laying deep within my face
the sorrow of her haunting fate
But if i rise to see this day
I know she'll visit her own way
when the curtains draw
and night begins
shed heavens din
she'll return again
to this house of all her petals

Poem written on 8-8-2000

Happy 60th Birthday to one of the most
prettiest and talented actors who ever
lived. My family loved you and are big
fans of the book, "Valley Of The Dolls"
and have seen the movie as well. You
will forever be missed and remembered
as someone who was true and kind.
Sometimes I wished people were more
like you in character and humor.
Have a happy birthday!

Candice Emary Saenz
Riverside Ca USA

Happy Birthday Sharon.
You will live in our hearts forever.

William L. Nihart
Milton PA

Dear Debra, I remember you so well, and
your strength has stayed with me all these years after
the real crime of the century. To me that only goes to show exactly
the quality relationship you had with Sharon. She was the perfect California movie star, beauty, brains and talent which also showed in you. Always in my thoughts, both of you girls reign supreme.

Nina Malek
Burbank CA USA

What a lovely way to remember a truly beautiful,
warm-hearted young woman...We love you, Sharon! :)

Karen-Lynne Martin
Whittier CA USA

Happy Birthday Sharon.
In my heart you still are a beautiful person.
You are missed greatly.

Teri Friess
Russell Ks USA

I can't believe Sharon would have been 60 years old today.
I will always remember her in Valley in the Dolls as a young woman.
I wonder how she would have celebrated this milestone birthday.

Ellen Land
Baltimore MD USA

Happy Birthday Sharon.
You were quite a woman.
An inspiration to a younger generation.
Peace be with you.

Melborne ON Canada

Happy 60th birthday Sharon!!!
You are and will be forever missed and loved!
Love, Tillie

Matilda Lucas
Alameda CA USA

We have some pictures of our new kitties we would
like to send them for her birthday.

Bobby, Rueben, Bibby, Peppa, Roy Luther, Buster and Markie


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